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Site updated: 8-8-2017

I don't update my site as often as I should. Feel free to call me!

Here at SBKreptiles we:

Feed our snakes prekilled rodents

Change water bowls daily

Provide our snakes with fresh bedding as needed

Are committed to selling top quality Carpet Pythons

Guarantee healthy, eating, properly sexed animals-unless other wise mentioned


 My collection of Pythons consist of

  • 2.2 Genetic Stripe Bredli Python's
  • 1.0 Irian Jaya Jag-ACReptiles bloodline
  • 1.1 Jungle Zebra Carpet Python's-N. Mutton
  • 1.0 Jungle Jag-Psychotic Exotic Bloodline
  • 1.3 Irian Jaya Carpet Python
  • 1.2 Jungle Carpet Pythons and MANY MORE!

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I have pure Jungles and Zebra Jungles now available. Please contact me for availability.